Austin, circa 2015

I don’t make it back to Austin often since I left in the spring of ’16 so, when I returned recently for Eeyore’s Birthday, I made sure to make all the stops I miss most. This is a rundown of those and a few others I couldn’t make it to. Disclaimer: some of these may have changed or disappeared since I moved away.


Every restaurant in Austin that I’ve visited has something special to share; however, a few key locations stand out in my mind for their incredible execution of a particular cuisine.


Coffee is basically a religion in Austin, and, between Austin Java’s Texas Pecan and literally everywhere’s cold brew, you will be born again. Another good option is Jo’s on South Congress, which has live jazz every Sunday from 12:30 to 3 pm.


One stop for local arts and crafts you can’t miss is Parts & Labor. They have a huge selection of art and apparel all designed and/or made in Austin. Chances are you’ll recognize a few t-shirts while browsing around.

Everything else

The best part about a small city with lots of energy is that you really can’t go wrong, it’s all good. Some areas have become very touristy and less Austiny, but even the fast-food chains are respectable. I hope you enjoy your time and discover something new, and then let me know so I can check it out next time I’m back.

I build things by breaking them.

I build things by breaking them.